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Speech and Language Therapy Services

Speech and Language Therapy Services

At Ascension Center, we believe in creating a partnership that supports the development of your child. We work with you – the family and caregivers – and teach you how to maximize your child’s communication abilities. Your child will learn new forms of expression in an environment where each child can have progressive experiences when speaking, socializing, eating, and playing. After all – positive changes are possible through successful communication, knowledge, and teamwork, so let’s work together!

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Learning Through Play

We believe in practice that feels like play, allowing children the opportunity to express themselves. Recognizing that communication is about more than just words, Ascension Center will create practical activities for your child that will encourage communication in a variety of forms.

How Ascension Center Helps Your Child?

Each child is an individual and determining the level of intervention required will vary. Consider the following questions that may apply to your child:

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