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Early Start Developmental Assessments

Are you concerned your child is not meeting developmental milestones? Contact our friendly multi-disciplinary team to conduct a developmental assessment for infants 0 to 3. In this process, we identify infants’ strengths and challenges in the following domains: gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, receptive language skills, expressive language skills, social/emotional skills, adaptive/self-help skills: including vision and hearing screening.

Early Intensive Behavior Therapy (EIBT Services)

The effectiveness of EIBT is well supported by scientific evidence. Our team provides EIBT to children under 5 years of age with autism and other developmental disorders. EIBT is an intensive therapy that will help increase positive behaviors such as: increased communication, increased self-help skills, fine and gross motor skills. It will also help decrease tantrums, aggression, screaming and other negative behaviors that impede in the child’s overall development.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Services):

ABA therapy is a therapy used to improve behavior and learning in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other related developmental disorders. Our team of experts will provide ABA therapy to improve communication skills, language, focus, attention, and help decrease problematic behaviors such as self-injurious behavior, property destruction, and aggression toward others.

Speech Language Services

Our professional Speech Language Pathologists are skilled in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of speech, social communication, cognitive-communication and even swallowing disorders. It is our goal to provide exemplary patient care and to design a comprehensive treatment plan that meets the individual needs of every child enrolled in our program.

Counseling Services

Our counseling services are available from a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist or Associate Marriage Family Therapy in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. We provide counseling services for children, individuals, couples, and families. We treat depressions,

Consultation Services

We provide ABA Consultation Services, Speech & Language Consultation Services, and Mental Health Consultations Services to providers, daycare programs, organizations, and schools to improve their ability to foster a child’s health and development. We help teachers and staff effectively apply systems to implement effective interventions with evidence-based outcomes.