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Learn About Ascension Center

Ascension Center was founded in 2011 to help individuals and families affected by autism and other mental health conditions. Our therapy programs, which are based on strengths and family interactions, are designed to meet the individual needs of each client.

We promote positive behavior in a supportive environment that empowers our clients’ self-confidence to become more independent. At Ascension Center, we value every small victory as it adds up over time to become an important victory. Our providers are highly trained and are ready to serve you.

We offer a full range of services in behavioral and mental health. We provide the most experienced, licensed, and certified professionals to serve you.

Early Start Services

Assessments & Early Start Services

ABA Therapy

Improves social significant skills

Speech Services

Speech Therapy for any speech conditions

Counseling Services

Psychotherapy experts you can trust

Consultation Services

ABA, Speech/Language and Mental Health

Who We Are

We have a supportive and caring team ready to help you, your child or family thrive.

Our Mission

We help others thrive by providing a compassionate health practice to equip our clients to achieve a positive change and well-being through their own strengths and resilience.

Our Goal

Deliver professional services with integrity and enhance the lives of children and families we serve.