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Consultation Services

Consultation Services Supporting Education

Supporting Education

Our team supports school districts, classrooms, daycare providers, and organizations in both public and private settings. We help improve existing systems or develop new systems to provide a supportive and healthy learning environment for the learner. We’ll work collaboratively with educators and organizations to develop supports that promote student independence, positive behaviors, and greater opportunities for inclusion.

A child’s emotional well-being is their foundation for growth and development, including physical, cognitive, health, and language outcomes. We strive to improve academic and behavioral outcomes for our clients by working directly with the child and/or serving groups. Our clinically trained professionals support providers to ensure they deliver the best possible care and support for any child and any learner of any grade.

ABA Consultation Services

We will do one on one in school settings and/or can work directly with teachers and staff to implement effective teaching methods based on principles of ABA. Our goal is to increase staff competence in improving positive behaviors at school which will lead to academic gains for students.

Our consultation services include:

We serve all student populations grades Pre-K through High School.

Mental Health Consultation Services

The goal of our mental health consultants is to collaborate with schools, daycares, agencies. Our mental health professionals can implement services in any educational setting. Our intervention and training methods include observation, assessment, referrals, and training.

We take a multi-level approach by working directly with a child, agency, and their family. We improve the ability of different providers, programs, and systems, to foster a child’s social, emotional and behavioral health and development. We strive to maintain a consistently high level of support and treatment for the learner and their education setting.

Our consultation services include:

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