About Us

Serving the greater Bakersfield, CA community and beyond, Ascension Center provides professional and licensed counseling and consultation services for the treatment of Autism with a large focus on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We also provide support for a variety of other mental disorders including anxiety & panic disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, Depression, and more. Every customized therapy session and treatment plan has been intricately designed to help those impacted by mental health issues in developing everyday skills and social awareness to get more out of life and achieve their own goals. ABA is also used to enhance and reinforce natural skills and talents and decrease problematic behaviors.

At Ascension Center, we know that every patient is unique, so we custom develop individualized treatment strategies based on systematic teaching methodology to address all your needs, including changes in mood, behavior, anxiety, and more. We can also provide group therapy and counseling sessions to give children and young adults the opportunity to interact with other developing peers. This treatment style also fully engages parents and loved ones in the process of treatment and decision-making. New beginnings are always possible – so why not start your journey to a happier you today?

Ascension Center is dedicated to providing a safe atmosphere for treatment of Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorder, Depression, and more. To schedule a flexible appointment that meets your needs, contact us at 661-869-1074 today.