Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) involves the careful study of an individual’s behavior and learning abilities to initiate a positive and meaningful change in their behavior and mental health. This highly customizable and adaptable treatment method is used to help individuals dealing with Autism and other mental health issues decrease inappropriate behaviors and increase socially appropriate behaviors by helping them improve and internalize important social skills like communication, getting along with others, and following social cues. This comprehensive approach has also been known to help improve conceptual skills, increase IQ, and help individuals integrate into more inclusive settings. Additionally, ABA is also helpful in reducing behaviors that can cause harm to an individual or interfere with their ability to learn.

Your ABA curriculum at Ascension Center is uniquely designed to address all of your individual needs, and skills, abilities, and concepts are broken down to their simplest components and taught in a structured setting until fluency is achieved. Apart from utilizing and employing natural teaching techniques, our professional instructors also apply prompt fading methodologies to promote the independence of you or your loved one and maximize success in dealing with mental health concerns.

During our ABA therapy program, individuals with mental disorders can expect to address and improve:

  • Self-help Skills and General Independance

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Diet Expansions & Assistance

  • Executive Functioning & Decision Making

  • Lowered Aggressive Behaviors

  • Lowered Non-Compliance

If you have any questions regarding our Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy or if you would like to discuss treatment options, please contact us at 661-869-1074 today.